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Read about my photography adventures and photography guides, advice on the best photo spots, where I've been and what to see!


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A bit about me ...


My name is Rach and I am a New Zealand Landscape Photographer who loves to travel and take photos while I'm at it!


I grew up in New Zealand exploring new places and being out in nature, and not much has changed, so follow along on my adventures and what I get up to here on my blog!

I share with you in depth photography location guides, tips on how to take great landscape photos, and how to find all those amazing New Zealand photo spots


Did you know I sell prints?

I sell New Zealand Landscape Prints in Fine Art Print, Canvas and Framed Fine Art.

If you are looking for a NZ landscape print for your wall my online print store is where you can browse some of my favourite New Zealand photography images, as well as other parts of the world, and purchase a print to have as your own.


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