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Planning a trip to New Zealand and want to take the hassle out of finding where to go?

My New Zealand Map and Guide is now available!

Embarking on a journey across the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand becomes an even more immersive and enriching experience with the launch of my comprehensive New Zealand Travel Guide and Interactive Map.

Easy to use and accessible on your phone, the app store, computer, and laptop.

Simply purchase online and then you can use it straight from your browser or download the app from the App Store for Apple IOS use offline (Android coming soon).


After a lot of work and many years (10 plus) of photographing this beautiful country I get to call home, I have partnered with expert developers Rexby and listed all of my favourite locations into a single interactive map and guide so you can travel NZ like a local to all the best spots.


Curated meticulously with over 350 stunning New Zealand photo locations, amazing hikes, hidden gems, beautiful waterfalls, places to stay, super fun activities, plus much more including itineraries, personal itineraries, all accompanied by my NZ photos for each spot AND photography info.


This guide serves as a virtual compass, steering you through the New Zealand's diverse terrains, unveiling hidden gems, and showcasing iconic vistas that define New Zealand's natural beauty. 

With my interactive map at hand, you can navigate effortlessly, uncovering picturesque spots in every corner of New Zealand, ensuring that every snapshot captures the essence and magnificence of this remarkable country.

Whether planning an itinerary or seeking inspiration, this travel guide and map serve as the perfect companion for an unforgettable journey through New Zealand's awe inspiring landscapes.

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