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Bring your kitchen to life with a stunning New Zealand Landscape image for your new NZ kitchen splashback

Purchase one of my NZ images as a digital file for your new kitchen splashback to use with your designer. Just click on the image to buy now and/or send me an email to discuss your requirements.

You will be sent the digital file to download which you can then work with your chosen kitchen splashback designer/company to have it printed.

If you are looking for a Kitchen Splashback Designer who can take you through the whole process from start to finish using my images I can personally recommend Lucy G Designs.

Kitchen Splash Back Rach Stewart
Rach Stewart Kitchen Splashback.jpg

These panoramic images from my catalogue are perfect for kitchen splashbacks and can be enlarged without losing quality.

Simply click on the image you would like to use to purchase.

Kitchen splashbacks are an essential component of any modern kitchen design. Not only do they protect your walls from splatters and spills, but they also add a touch of style and sophistication to your kitchen.


There are a variety of materials you can choose from for your kitchen splashback, including glass, tiles, stainless steel, and even stone. Each material has its own unique benefits, such as being easy to clean, durable, and heat-resistant, but using a beautiful NZ landscape image for your kitchen splashback NZ is the ultimate way to show off your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are a popular choice due to their sleek and contemporary appearance, and having a stunning image of your favourite location to look at every day is a definite winning combination.


Glass splashbacks are also easy to clean and maintain, as they are non-porous and resistant to stains. They protect the colours of the splashback image behind the glass.

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