Are you looking to learn how to take beautiful New Zealand landscape images while exploring epic New Zealand scenery .. with fun instructors who know their craft inside out?

Marian Falls New Zealand

New Zealand Photography Tours and Adventures

Four years ago I joined with two of New Zealand's best landscape photographers Daniel Murray and Lee Cook to bring you

Pure Photo Adventures NZ

Our New Zealand photography tours are designed to take you and your camera on a fun-filled adventure, with like-minded people, through some of the most amazing and iconic scenery New Zealand has to offer.


We have a diverse range of options covering all the best times for landscape photography and catering for every budget.  Our itineraries are planned down to the tiniest level of detail so we can spend the maximum amount of time possible getting you the most amazing New Zealand images possible.

We will teach you how to use your camera in full manual mode, share all of our knowledge in how to improve your composition and camera set up, learn astrophotography settings and how to take photos of the stars, use Neutral Density filters and long exposure photography to enhance your imagery and add a creative element to the process. We will also teach you quick and easy post processing techniques in Lightroom to turn your original photographs into the landscape images you've always wanted to capture.