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Are you looking to learn how to take beautiful New Zealand landscape images while exploring epic New Zealand scenery .. with fun instructors who know their craft inside out?

Find out everything you need to know on our website 

Marian Falls New Zealand

A message from the team 

Dan, Lee and myself have been receiving a lot of enquiries about our 2023 plans.


The three of us recently sat down and looked at our calendars with a view to aligning windows of time where we can each commit to run our trips. Unfortunately finding said windows has proven to be quite the challenge, with various day job, family, and holiday commitments occupying good chunks of our time.


So sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news, but won’t be offering any trips in 2023


To stay in touch please continue to visit our webpage, follow our Instagram Account, or our personal accounts (@rachstewartnz, @leecook_images,


Hope to see you all again down the track!

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