Stunning white sandy beaches, New Zealand's oldest Kauri forest, volcanic landscapes, sparking lakes, and i't's own set of snowy mountains, the North Island of New Zealand is as diverse as it comes

The best part about being a New Zealand Landscape Photographer is the privilege of exploring such a beautiful country and capturing New Zealand photos while doing so.

Landscape photography in New Zealand is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of this country. Here at the bottom of the world on these 3 beautiful islands have an abundance of different landscapes with different natural features including mountains, lakes, volcanoes, waterfalls, fiords and much more.

The landscapes found in New Zealand can be extraordinary and spectacular, and in particular on the North Island there is incredible diversity.


This gallery is all about showcasing North Island New Zealand landscape photography.


There are many reasons why photographers love North Island New Zealand for landscape photography. It is simply because there are so many different types of landscapes that can be explored here – mountains, coastlines, beaches, valleys and more.

I grew up in the North Island by the beach and it is where my love for landscape photography blossomed. The beaches here are like nothing else in the country and usually stretch for miles upon miles. The South Island was gifted with incredible mountains, and the North Island with stunning pristine coastlines.

Being a North Island New Zealand Photographer is a blessing and a privilege and I can only hope to continue capturing its beauty for many years to come. I will never tire of the stunning nature scenery I get to witness every day and capture it on my camera.

I hope by sharing these NZ images it might encourage you to come and explore the North Island yourself.

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