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Northland is the northern most region in New Zealand encompassing the top of the North Island until reaching the Auckland region. Both Northland and Auckland boast beautiful coastal areas, waterfalls, native forest and rural farmland. Auckland is New Zealand's largest city where you will find over 1.5 million people call it home. For New Zealand landscape photography both regions offer so much diversity and I have very much enjoyed shooting landscapes in these areas. If you are interested in prints or purchasing images please visit my print store or contact me.  

Embarking on a visual journey through Northland is like stepping into a realm where nature's magnificence takes center stage. 

Northland photography encapsulates the sheer grandeur of this picturesque region, where every frame tells a story of rugged coastlines, lush forests, and cultural heritage. With a camera in hand, Northland landscape photography unveils the striking interplay between land and sea, showcasing golden beaches embraced by crystal clear waters and rolling hills into the horizon. 

Home to some New Zealand’s most beautiful locations including the oldest podocarp forest The Waipoua Forest, Te Paki Sand Dunes, Cape Reinga and the northern most point of New Zealand, Northland is incredibly diverse and full of amazing photo opportunities.

The Dukes Nose is a hike not to be missed, the north east coast is full of incredible sandy beaches including Tutukaka, Matapouri and many others. Whangarei Falls is a beautiful spot for waterfall photography and picnicking by the water.

Browse my Northland photography and choose a Northland print for your home at my print store.

Auckland, quite different to Northland is a lot of ways, is a city of diverse landscapes and endless inspiration, with the contrasts of Auckland City at its centre, then incredible West Coast Beaches and the Waitakere Ranges including Muriwai Beach, Bethells Beach, Piha, Anawhata and Whatipu, and then even more beautiful beaches on the North Shore.


Auckland photography unveils the urban vibrancy seamlessly intertwined with nature's beauty. The lens captures iconic scenes of Auckland landscape photography, where the rugged allure of Muriwai, Bethells, and Piha beaches meet the urban skyline including the famous Auckland Skytower. These landscapes provide a canvas for breathtaking compositions, where black sands meet crashing waves, and ancient volcanic formations stand juxtaposed against modern architecture.


Whether it's the dramatic sunsets over Muriwai's Gannet Colony, the untamed and wild west surf of Bethells Beach, the views from the Te Henga Walk or sunrise with Aucklands skytower, each photograph encapsulates the soul of Auckland and its captivating fusion of urban energy and natural serenity.

Browse my Auckland photography and choose an Auckland print for your home at my print store.

If you have any questions about buying a NZ landscape print please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out my print info and online print store.

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