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The rugged and beautiful west coast of New Zealand is perhaps the oldest part of New Zealand geologically and is home to some incredible landscape and diversity. To the west is the Tasman sea and to the east is the Southern Alps, and it was very well known for its Pounamu (green stone). Scarcely populated, this area is stunning to photograph and can be enjoyed without too many crowds. If you are interested in prints or purchasing images please visit my print store or contact me.  

On my first trip to the South Island solely for photography back in 2015 there was one place I really wanted to explore .. and that was the West Coast New Zealand. Renowned for its unpredictable weather, I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to capture any West Coast Photography, but I was definitely going to try!


The West Coast New Zealand is home to some of the most incredible New Zealand Landscape photography locations .. Haast Pass, Lake Matheson, Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier, Hokitika, Punakaiki, Kahurangi National Park .. the list goes on. The West Coast really is where the ocean meets the Southern Alps and its such an amazing stretch of New Zealand for capturing New Zealand images.  

I was lucky enough on my first trip to time the weather right and ended up capturing some of my favourite images ever from Lake Matheson. Both Lake Matheson sunrise and sunset were beautiful and I count myself lucky to have seen this incredible scene under such blessed conditions.

I have since returned for West Coast photography many times over and again have been lucky with the weather gods. 

There is still so much for me to explore in this area and I hope to visit again time and time again to capture beautiful photography.

I hope by sharing these NZ images of the West Coast it might inspire you to come and explore some West Coast Photography for yourself.

If you have any questions about buying a NZ landscape print please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out my print info and online print store.

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