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Queenstown .. the thriving city nestled amongst the lakes and mountains. My feelings about Queenstown are still the same as the first time I ever laid eyes on it, absolute incredible beauty and really a New Zealand Landscape photographer heaven. Home to the Remarkables mountain range and the south islands largest lake, Lake Wakatipu, the Queenstown landscape has so much to offer and I always feel a slight sense of sadness leaving the place. Probably why I've been back so many times and have so many friends who are photographers in Queenstown. Whether its a Queenstown sunrise, sunset or just time by the lakes, I always love bringing my camera out here. I hope you enjoy this Queenstown Photography .. if you are interested in prints or purchasing images please visit my print store or contact me.  

My first trip to the South Island solely for photography was back in 2015 .. and the Queenstown landscape was the placed where my plane landed. I had never been before, I'd never taken photos in the South Island, and the incredible Remarkables mountains and Lake Wakatipu is what greeted me when I arrived. I had seen many incredible images by countless Queenstown Photographer, but nothing could prepare me for the beauty. What a way to start my Queenstown Photography journey along with so many other photographers in Queenstown.

It was the thick of winter and Queenstown had just had a huge snow dump ... this is what New Zealand landscape photographers dream about. I headed off down Lake Wakatipu and continued the drive out the Glenorchy. My goal was to get a famous Queenstown sunrise. I took Queenstown landscape photos of the famous Glenorchy Pier, the sister trees and the beautiful Glenorchy lagoon. I was hooked on the Queenstown landscape and relished my time being a photographer Queenstown.

Countless visits back to Queenstown has now meant that I have built a stunning portfolio of images I am very proud of. Queenstown sunrise, Queenstown sunset and everything in between. Lake Hayes in Arrowtown would have to be one of my favourite spots, with Moke Lake coming in a close second. A Meiklejohns Bay broken jetty sunset doesn't go a miss, and Arrowtown and the Shotover Gorge look absolutely incredible during Autumn. If a Queenstown Autumn isn't your thing, come back in spring where Queenstown lupins can be spotted along the lakeside shores making a picturesque NZ photo. Many of my friends who are photographers in Queenstown let me know when the snow is coming for a Queenstown winter NZ image!

Because Queenstown is home to one of the major airports in the South Island, and the easiest town to fly into when making the trip out to Milford Sound, I get to visit often and I'm certainly not sad about it.

I hope by sharing these NZ images of Queenstown itself might inspire you to come and explore Queenstown Photography for yourself.

If you have any questions about buying a NZ landscape print please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out my print info and online print store.

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