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Victoria is one of those places that has it all. Situated on the south east coast of the Australia, this state consists of mountains, the beach, the Australian bush, the thriving city scene that is Melbourne, and everything in between.

It was my first opportunity for a trip out of New Zealand in a while, and one of my first trans-tasman assignments for Jetstar Airlines NZ. My best friend and I decided we would do a crazy 5 day trip to Melbourne and see how much we could see in this short space of time. This isn’t new to us, most of our trips involve not much sleep, a lot of destinations, and whirlwind running about chasing light and weather.

Photography is my passion, its what I love to do .. creatively it keeps me sane and allows my mind to dream up all sorts of new ideas and dream scenarios. I am always grateful that I get to do what I love and along the way add new experiences to the life portfolio!

So here we go .. these are my faves, and I hope you might enjoy them too.

The Great Ocean Road

The view from the 12 Apostles lookout towards Gibson Steps

First on the list was the Great Ocean Road. We drove the 3 hr journey from Melbourne during the night so we could get here for sunrise. Although this road runs along the coast of Oz for 243 km, most of the spots you see photographed are within 30 minutes of each other or less. In the 2 days went spent in Port Campbell (a great little base for seeing the more famous parts of the road), we were able to get to most of those locations without much hassle. Note though, if you want to have them relatively to yourself, you will need to go at sunrise.


Park at the 12 Apostles Visitor Facility and take the 5 minute walk out the Gibston Steps lookout.

Looking out over Gibson Steps at sunrise

The 12 Apostles

The view looking the opposite way from the above photos at the 12 Apostles lookout, looking towards the Apostles.

A close up view of the 12 Apostles from the lookout

The 12 Apostles on a moody morning as viewed from the lookout

Daybreak lights up the 12 Apostles as viewed from the lookout

Loch Ard Gorge

About 3 minutes drive from the 12 Apostles lookout, arrive here to Loch Ard Gorge. There are lots of options for photos, including the Razorback and Archway which unfortunately I was not able to photograph due to the rain :(.

Moody mornings at Loch Ard Gorge

London Arch

Further along the coast, park at the London Arch carpark and take the short walk out to the lookouts. One of the coolest creations by nature I've seen along the coastline.

London Bridge as viewed just past the lookout

I also recommend taking some of those dirt roads that lead out towards the coast. There are some great views from those points and they are much less crowded.

California Redwoods

About an hours drive from Port Campbell this little patch of paradise lies deep in the Beech Tree forest. Well worth the trip down the dirt road. Walking with these giants was a highlight of the trip.

California Redwood Trees

Hoptoun Falls

Along the same dirt road, and before the Redwood Forest, you will find this beautiful waterfall after a 30 minute hike through some Australian bush. A very pretty place that makes you feel right at home with nature.

Hoptoun Falls

The Grampians

A 3 hour drive from Port Campbell will bring you to these Australian mountains! Unfortunately we didn't hit the weather great here, but we did get to see the sunrise from The Balconies which I would highly recommend visiting. A short drive from Halls Gap and then a 20 minute walk gives you incredible views over the valley.

The Balconies lookout in the Grampians National Park

Princes Pier

Definitely a must do stop if you like long exposure photography or any type of photography for that matter. The remnants of a pier from days gone by still remains, with the old wooden pylons making a fantastic foreground looking out over the harbour right in the centre of Melbourne.

Sunset at Princes Pier
Sunset at Princes Pier

The Pinnacles, Phillip Island

The last stop on our trip, and my favourite.

The walk to the Pinnacles takes you along the beautiful squeaky sand beach of Cape Woolamai, up over the headland where you get a panoramic view of the coast, and then down to the Pinnacles. After a bit of a sketchy walk down a steep bank to the bay, the view amongst these rock formations is incredible.

Looking towards the Pinnacles at sunset from the rocky shoreline

High tide at the Pinnacles during sunset

I really enjoyed Victoria and there is so much more to see, this just being a snap shot of what we experienced.

Want to see more?

Please check out The Crazy Tourist's blog 15 Best Places to visit in Victoria Australia for more incredible places to visit and insight into Victoria.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my photos please just drop me a line via the contact page.

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