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New Zealand Landscape Photography 

  4 Gallery Wall Ideas for Your New Zealand Landscape Photography

Designing a gallery wall in your home or office is a great interior design trend. It allows you to showcase several beautiful images in a small amount of space. Plus, the layout can be completely up to you! Whether you decide to go strict with your design or more lenient, a gallery wall will always be your own creation. Here are some great ideas for incorporating New Zealand landscape photography into your gallery wall.


Go Symmetrical


Start in the middle of the wall space with a large print of your favorite New Zealand scenery. Then, add frames of the same size on opposite sides of your large central photo. You can choose to add more photos to the top and bottom of your central image, as well.


Keep it All White


If your wall already has a lot of color on it, you can help accent it by keeping your images, matting, and frames in all white. Prints of snow and mountains work well with this style. If the lighting is right, you can even include ocean scenes here.


Use Coordinating Colors


Pick out some of the dominant colors in your main image, and select companion images in those same colors. For example, if your primary image is a sunset, your accompanying images can include shades of orange, red, and gold.


Add Non-Photo Items


Every item in your gallery wall doesn't have to be a photo of New Zealand scenery. Include a wooden initial letter of your name, a metal key or leaf, or piece of driftwood that complements your image.


Building a gallery wall is a stunning way to display your favorite New Zealand landscape photography. Plus, it's a lot of fun! You can even choose to swap out the images to match the seasons or your new decor colors. The options are endless!

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