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Being an avid lover of the ocean, and whales and dolphins in particular, my time in Kaikoura very much touched my heart and being able to swim with dolphins and watch giant sperm whales from above was an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. Kaikoura is home to New Zealand Landscape Photography at it's best, with towering mountains and the open ocean meeting for incredible New Zealand images. If you are interested in prints or purchasing images please visit my print store or contact me.  If you'd like to read about my time in Kaikoura head on over to my blog.

I first visited the sleepy coastal town of Kaikoura for photography campaign in 2017 and then didn't return until 2020 which was leaving far too long to explore this incredible part of New Zealand.

Kaikoura is one of those locations that has it all. The Kaikoura Ranges are covered in snow during the winter, the coast is magical teeming with sea life including Kaikoura Fur Seals, Kaikoura Sperm Whales and countless dolphins and other wildlife.

I was lucky enough to be able to take a doors off helicopter flight at sunrise with South Pacific Heli and experience Kaikoura Photography at its absolute best. We flew up and around the mountains which gave us clear views of the Kaikoura Peninsula, Kaikoura Township and far beyond .. we even saw the North Island from up there!

Then came a doors off heli flight over the whales .. and it is hard to put into words how amazing this was. We found a Kaikoura Sperm whale almost straight away which is quite lucky considering they only come up to the surface every 90 minutes. Even more incredible was that the sperm whale was surrounded by Dusky Dolphins .. I couldn't quite believe my eyes. 


The surrounding views of the Kaikoura Landscape where just as incredible as viewing the whales and I was able to capture a lot of Kaikoura Photography for my portfolio.


I was also able to get a Kaikoura foreshore sunrise on of the beautiful mornings I was there which lit up the mountains with the early morning light. It was a lot of fun exploring the foreshore getting in amongst the rocks and the odd seal.

After my latest trip to Kaikoura I wrote a blog which has lots of reasons why you should visit Kaikoura and how amazing it is!

I hope by sharing these NZ images of Kaikoura it might inspire you to come and explore Kaikoura Photography for yourself.

If you have any questions about buying a NZ landscape print please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out my print info and online print store.

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