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Rotorua is considered the heart of the North Island. It is central to so many other cities and it really does have a lot of heart. Rotorua has 17 lakes within its region, and is well known for its geothermal activity which brings many tourists and photographers to the area every year. I grew up in the Bay of Plenty where there are no lakes, so as a child I visited Rotorua many many times and grew fond of Lake Tarawera in particular (which has its own incredible history). After seeing images from a local Rotorua Photographer when I first started out, I knew I wanted to visit to capture my own Rotorua photos. There are so many other locations I need to explore in the region and I can't to see them all. Watch this space! If you are interested in prints or purchasing images please visit my print store or contact me

When I first started out in landscape photography, particularly long exposure photography, I was on the hunt for still lakes and jetty's. I had seen countless beautiful landscape images from not just one Rotorua Photographer, but many, so I knew I wanted to visit the region to capture my own Rotorua landscape images. The combination of still lakes and jetty's works so well in long exposure photography, and lucky for me I didn't have to travel too far to find some magic. Long exposure images from local Rotorua Photographers were super inspiring and I made my first trip to Lake Tarawera excited. The geothermal wonderland of Rotorua is only a 40 minute drive from me, which meant I didn't have far to drive for a Rotorua sunrise from home.

There are so many amazing little lakes and jetty's in the Rotorua region. The first place I ever visited was Lake Tarawera for sunrise. I sat on the end of the jetty at The Landing, took a photo of myself in long exposure, and it went viral around the world. Since then the classic Lake Tarawera sunrise is seen in almost every New Zealand landscape photographer and Rotorua Photographers gallery, and I can see why it's so popular.

Lake Tarawera has many jetty's but the two that I have frequented the most for landscape photography are The Landing and Rangiuru Bay.

Some of the other incredible lakes to visit for Rotorua photography include Lake Tikitapu (The Blue Lake), Lake Rotorua, Lake Okataina, The Green Lake, Lake Okareka.

Rotorua also has the incredible Redwoods Forest and various waterfalls including Okere Falls, Tarawera Falls, Trout Pool Falls, Tutea Falls, Kerosene Creek. There is so much to explore.

I hope by sharing these NZ images of the Rotorua Region it might inspire you to come and explore all the majestic locations in Rotorua for yourself.

If you have any questions about buying a NZ landscape print please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out my print info and online print store.

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